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Zombie Me

I am a lover of food and lover of zombie books….

I am a fan of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead films….

I am an e-book aficionado and Kindle enthusiast….

You can follow me on Twitter @BrainZandEggs

I didn’t Facebook for a long time because they were secretly developing a virus to turn everyone into zombies. (Or so I heard….) Now I have a Facebook page here.

I have a Google Plus page here.

If it is really important, you can contact me at: brainzandeggs@yahoo.com. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, but I am busy prepping for the apocalypse.

Review Policy:

I tend to review the books that interest me. At this time, my Kindles are overflowing with books, so I am not accepting copies for review right now. Sorry! The same goes for apps, games, etc.

FTC Disclosure: I do use affiliate links to help support the blog. I may occasionally accept a free book for a beta read or review, but any opinions offered are strictly my own and not influenced by getting a free book. I will amend this statement if anyone offers me vast amounts of  gold, silver, jewelry, food or other items which could have significant trading value in a post-apocalyptic society.


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