Apocalypse Chicken, Corn and Black Bean Stew

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I told you that I would post the recipe that gave me the idea for this blog.

IMG_20140206_174326I was making a pot of Chicken, Corn and Black Bean Stew and realized, that if I had to, I could easily make a passable version of this using ingredients from cans. Now, actually, this is a lot more of a radical concept than it sounds. One of the food trends we have seen in recent years is the emphasis on fresh foods and quality ingredients. Cooking in the zombie apocalypse turns that idea on its head. Yes, that’s right. I basically just told you that we are going to take healthy recipes and turn them into canned, processed meals. Welcome to the end of the world!

But, seriously? Depending on the scenario, fresh food may not be available and using what’s on hand (or what you can scrounge) is a whole different cooking experience. In many of the recipes we are going to talk about on this blog, the concept of substitution is key to making recipes work.

As we start a couple of things to remember here: It is always better to cook with quality, fresh ingredients if possible. Canned foods are processed foods and contain more sodium, additives and fats.  These recipes will be higher in calories than their healthier counterparts and that needs to be kept in mind.  Of course, you are going to be getting plenty of exercise outrunning the zombies, so that is going to help!

If you are a prepper, a survivalist, or just hate to grocery shop, there are a lot items like dried goods and herbs you can keep on hand. These foods are useful in a pinch even in the here and now (sans zombies). In a future blog entry, we will talk about the concept of an apocalyptic pantry.

These recipes as intended as a general guide: If you have fresh onions, use them. If you need to substitute dried, minced onions, do it. Cooking during the apocalypse is all about responding to the situation at hand. Be flexible!

Apocalypse Chicken, Corn and Black Bean Stew

This version is made with all canned/dried ingredients   (Original Recipe is here.)

approx 6 TB of dried minced onion

2 cans chicken breast

1 15 ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained

2 cans whole kernel corn

Approx 1 cup of salsa, any flavor

1 15 oz can of diced tomatoes


Dried Cilantro (to taste)

Approx 1 tsp Lime powder


Add all ingredients to a large pot and heat until hot. Serve with tortilla chips if you can scavenge them.

Substitution notes:

What ingredients you use will affect the taste. Hot salsa is different than chipotle; plain diced tomatoes give a totally different taste than Ro-Tel. Dried cilantro tastes different than fresh (you may need to add coriander to get the same effect as fresh). You also may need to add 2 TB olive oil if you cook with fresh onions instead of dried.